*Run from Your Wife, by Ray Cooney 

Performance dates: July 19-28, 2024

(possible extension Aug 2-4)

  Rehearsals will be 2 – 3 days per week, one weekend and tech 

weekend (July 13 and 14, 2024)

Directed by Lynn Wilde Concannon

Roles available: all characters can be between ages 30 - 60

John Smith – Male - age 30-60

Mary Smith – Female  age 30-60

Barbara Smith - Female  age 30-60

Detective Sergeant Troughton - Male any age

Newspaper Reporter – Male or Female any age

Detective sergeant Porterhourse - Male any age

Bobby Franklyn - Male age 30-60


About the story:

A cab driver, John Smith, literally has two lives, complete with two different wives, Mary and Barbara. Somehow, he manages to juggle them both without arousing suspicion. However, he gets caught up in a mugging, and wakes up in a hospital with the wrong wife by his side.  His two lives come crashing together, complicated by a nosey neighbor and two suspicious inspectors.

* pending royalties