The Lady with all the Answers

by Norm Foster



Cristian LaBar March 18-20 & Angela Dill March 26-27, 2022 

The Lady with All the Answers, by David Rambo. The performances run March 18-27, 2022 and the script is drawn from the life and letters of Ann Landers with the cooperation of Margo Howard.

For decades, millions of Americans sipped their morning coffee and began their day reading advice from, “Ann Landers.” Eppie Lederer, better known as advice columnist Dear Ann Landers, answered countless letters from lovelorn teens, confused couples, and a multitude of others in need of advice. This off-Broadway tour-de-force provides a compelling portrait of the advice columnist who was filled with class, charisma and a whole lotta chutzpah! Featuring a veritable treasure trove of her favorite letters, as well as hilarious behind-the-scenes showbiz stories and tales of personal triumph. Even though men will enjoy this performance, this heartwarming show is perfect for a girl’s night out says director Lynn Wilde.  It also gives kudos to two wonderful actresses that are performing this one woman show.  Starring Howell native, Cristian LaBar and Angela Dill, who drives 3 hours from Indiana for rehearsals and to once again perform with AWT. I hope theatre goers will come out to continue to support live, professional theatre in downtown Brighton. 


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